Speedism’s graphic architecture is conceived in pixel form and translated to paper. Their projects emerge out of a mysterious and monstruous software desigining process. Techno-enthusiast theory and catastrophist prophecy at the same time, Speedism somewhat embodies seventies avant-garde. Speedism’s convergence architecture occupies an intersectional space where architecture and its popular representations (cinema, literature, gaming, comic books) meet. Speedism aims at being quick and sharp. They use theory as an alibi, easy shortcuts as emulation, referential networks as legitimation to undercut the slow maturation of architectural thought. Cut short to go fast. Speedism doubts. In a manifest, they proclaim they «might be wrong”. One step forward that embodies the anxieties of the post-Koolhaas generation. A generation that witnesses the tiring of advertisement architecture, the end of the simplistic catch phrase, and that now turns to the generic city. Speedism draw chaotic and nostalgic postcards for an abandoned theoretical space: totalitarian and exhilarating environments, empty theme parks for architects. Speedism might be drawing the elegy of an already gone cultural moment. Speedism goes fast to put and end. (Sébastien M Barat, Paris 2009)
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